5 Things That Are Guaranteed to Make You a Better Hockey Player (Hint: They Have Nothing to Do with Talent)

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5 things that require zero talent in hockey

I recently came across a post on Reddit that went viral on social media. If you’re like me and spend a lot of time on the internet, chances are you’ve seen the post I’m referring to. It’s called “10 Things That Require Zero Talent.” Now, I don’t know who the original creator is or when it was first published,  but there’s … Read More

5 Things Hockey Coaches HATE Seeing Their Players Do (that you’re probably doing)

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5 things hockey coaches hate by built for hockey

It’s rare that a hockey player gets under a coach’s skin for no reason. Usually, coaches bench or reduce a player’s ice-time due to bad attitude, bad decision-making, or an obvious lack of work ethic. Still, it usually ends up being specific actions that really throw coaches over the top and get them to the point where they’ve just had enough. In … Read More

5 Common Mistakes Hockey Coaches Make When Providing Player Feedback (and what to do instead)

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hockey coaches feedback mistakes

Hockey players need feedback in order to improve their game. As a hockey coach, it’s your job to give it to them. But how do you know if what you’re saying is getting through to your players? How do you know if it’s helping them develop? While you may feel like you’ve got the whole “feedback” and “constructive criticism” thing … Read More

Mike Babcock Shares His Secret to Success as an Individual (and as a hockey player)

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mike babcock and ben levesque

It’s been a few years since I met Mike Babcock. He came to speak to my team and I about 4 years ago before our National Championship playoff run. I remember telling myself, “man…this guy can work a room!“ He was captivating. He was inspiring. He was charismatic. He literally had the entire room’s attention for quite a long period … Read More