Welcome to the Built for Hockey Podcast!

The Built for Hockey Podcast is my brand new weekly podcast that features a hockey question submitted by a reader of BuiltforHockey.com. Each week, I’ll choose one question from you, my fans, and answer it as best I can so that everyone can hopefully learn from it and apply the advice to their game.

Why I Started a Hockey Podcast

Back when I started version one of Built for Hockey, I used to get a ton of weekly emails from readers asking me specific questions about hockey and asking if I had any advice for them.

I quickly ran out of time and had to pick and choose who I would respond to. I did my best to answer everyone, but there are only 24 hours in a day and it was getting to be quite crazy!

The worst part was that out of all the time I spent replying to emails, I was only helping that one person. Some of the emails I sent off were so good and the results players saw after implementing my advice was so positive that it’s a shame I couldn’t share them with others.

“A weekly hockey podcast with actionable advice to help you improve your game.”

Thinking it over for quite some time and now finally bringing Built for Hockey back to life, I’ve come up with the idea to create a page where readers can leave me a voice message with just a click of the mouse.

Much like the usual voice mail you get on your phone, I’ll get a copy of your message sent to me directly via email. From there, I’ll be able to choose the best questions and release a weekly podcast answering each question, and hopefully provide a ton of actionable advice for hockey players along the way!

It’s a work in progress, and I’ll definitely change and modify things as the show gains momentum, but I can’t wait to see how the Built for Hockey Podcast turns out!

What To Expect

Each Week, a new episode of the Built for Hockey Podcast will be released, answering an interesting question related to hockey.

• Each episode will be about 8-12 minutes long, making it much easier to consume and learn. Valuable information doesn’t have to be hours long!

• Each episode will start with a shout-out to the question poser, and then dive right into my tips and advice based on the question being asked.

• You’ll be able to listen and subscribe to the Built for Hockey Podcast on  Itunes, Sticher and Soundcloud, as well as listen to it on your PC, Tablets, and Iphones.

• It’s 100% free, valuable hockey content!

Submit a Question

I really want this show to be fun, educational, and inspiring! So for that reason, please think about your question BEFORE submitting it 🙂 Keep it real and sensible, and please don’t submit a question that has already been answered in a previous episode. Use common sense and follow the guidelines below in order to qualify for being featured on the show:

1. Please keep your question short and to the point. As much as possible, try to ask only one question related to one topic. Aim to keep your question near or under the one-minute mark if possible.

2. Start your question off by stating your name, where you’re from, your position and the level of hockey you currently play or coach. For example, as a guest on my own show, I might start off like this: “Hi, my name is Ben and I’m a right wing from Montreal, Quebec. I currently play hockey at the CIS level. My question is…”

3. Be sure to leave your name and email after recording your question so I can get back to you.

4. Again, spammy or disrespectful questions will not be featured on the show.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the fun part!

I use a cool tool called SpeakPipe that allows you to send me a voicemail through your computer. There’s nothing to install, and all you need is a microphone, which most computers have these days! It’s awesome!

All you have to do in order to submit a question is follow the simple guidelines below.

Please keep in mind that submitting a question to the Built for Hockey Podcast means you’re allowing me to share it publicly on the BuiltforHockey.com website.

Also note that it’s impossible for me to answer every question due to the sheer volume of submissions. Your best chance of getting featured is to ask a great question. You can submit more than once, but please don’t submit the same question. If it wasn’t chosen the first time around, there’s probably a good reason.

Lastly, the podcast is planned a few weeks in advance, so please don’t send me an email asking me why your question hasn’t been answered – it just might be scheduled somewhere down the line.

You’ll receive an email from me personally letting you know that your question will be featured on the Built for Hockey Podcast, if chosen.

Thanks for understanding, and for listening!