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  3. Nick Purdon

    Hi Ben!

    Great article about lace bite!
    I have a question for you.
    My son is 13 and plays a lot of hockey and has terrible lace bite with his new skates. Well in fact they aren’t new skates — they are used. But we bought them from a very good hockey store in Toronto and they baked them and moulded them and sold us good insoles too. He has never had lace bite before — he always had CCM skates and this year he went to Bauer.
    So my question for you is this — should I buy him a different pair of skates?
    Nobody really seems to address that?
    Should we just try to go back to the CCM’s?
    Please advise and thanks!

    1. Ben Levesque

      Hey Nick!

      Great question. The lace bite will eventually subside, but there’s no way for it to heal other than to take some time off, unfortunately. He’ll eventually adapt to the Bauers and no longer have pain. In other words, you can have him try to tough it out, or switch back to CCMs if it really is that bad. Hope that helps!

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