How to Know if You’ve Played a Good Game: 3-Step Framework for Evaluating Your Performance in Hockey

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progress framework for evaluating performance in hockey

Picture this… You just finished up your hockey game and are on your way home when you get a text from your friend. “How’d the game go?“ It went well, you tell him. Your team won! “That’s great! How’d you play?“ This one’s a little harder to answer… If you’re like most players, you’ll answer “I got a goal” or … Read More

5 Things Hockey Coaches HATE Seeing Their Players Do (that you’re probably doing)

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5 things hockey coaches hate by built for hockey

It’s rare that a hockey player gets under a coach’s skin for no reason. Usually, coaches bench or reduce a player’s ice-time due to bad attitude, bad decision-making, or an obvious lack of work ethic. Still, it usually ends up being specific actions that really throw coaches over the top and get them to the point where they’ve just had enough. In … Read More

Dear Coaches, You Affect Hockey Player Development Way More Than You Think

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pygmalion effect in hockey

When it comes to hockey player development, so many factors play into the big picture. Things like physical ability, work ethic, self-confidence and attitude play a HUGE part in how well a player develops—both on and off the ice. And while we know that great coaching, proper training regimens & adequate ice time are precursors to proper player development, one … Read More