The Hockey Player’s Guide to Boosting Mental Toughness

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“This game is over…the referee blew it for us.” “My shoulder is killing me…I’m not 100%.” “It’s already 3-0 for the other team. There’s no point in trying anymore.” Statements like these can be heard in rinks around the world, coming from the mouths of hockey players that struggle with mental toughness. Truth is, a mentally tough athlete doesn’t say … Read More

The 8 Habits of Highly Confident Hockey Players

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hockey confidence habits

As a hockey player, you can have all the skill in the world, but if you’re not confident in your abilities, you won’t get very far. Dr. Jim Taylor, an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of sport, even goes as far as saying that “confidence is the single most important mental factor in sports.” “Confidence is the single most … Read More

The 30-Second Mental Game Hack for Owning The Next Play

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quick set method for hockey players

As a hockey player, have you ever told yourself, “Man…I really wish I learned about this earlier. It coulda’ helped me come out on top so many times.” Well, that’s exactly what I told myself when I learned about psychologist Jeff Simons‘ 3-step routine for maintaining emotional control and absolutely owning the moment. And the best part? This routine literally … Read More

The Hockey Player’s Guide to Visualization and Mental Imagery

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hockey visualization

If you’re a serious hockey player, chances are you’ve come across the concept of visualization at least once throughout your career. You may know it under another name, such as mental imagery, seeing in the mind’s eye, or hearing in the head, but in my eyes, all of the above can be defined as follows: “A mental rehearsal of a technique, skill, feeling, emotion, … Read More