How to Build ConfidenceFind Your Focus​​ and Unlock Your Full Potential as a Hockey Player

Learn the mental game tools that will allow you to perform better, without needing to step foot on the ice!

Tired of Lacking Confidence and Playing Beneath Your Potential As a Hockey Player?

You're not alone. In fact, it's the single biggest challenge most hockey players face, and it's questions like these that keep them up at night:

  • Why am I great in practice but struggle in games?
  • How come I can have an amazing performance one night, then play like a complete dud the next?
  • Where did my confidence go and how the heck do I get it back?
  • Why am I SO afraid to make mistakes?
  • Why do I always suck when the game is on the line?

The list goes on and on, but the truth is you can't perform your best without fixing these mental game issues.

So If any of these statements resonate with you, or if you feel like you could be playing on a whole other level but can't figure out how to get there, then this is for you...

Introducing Hockey Mindset Mastery

Hockey Mindset Mastery is the training every hockey player needs, but doesn't get.

Did you know that the single most effective way to increase your overall performance as a hockey player is to improve your confidence? Yet 99% of hockey players have no idea how to monitor their confidence, regain it when it's lost, or build it from the ground up. And that's just the beginning...

There are other, equally important mental game skills you need to master in order to unlock your full potential and play your best hockey. This online course teaches you how!

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Everything you need to master the mental game and start playing your best hockey, delivered online and on-demand in video format!

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Over 3 hours of educational video lessons that walk you through the three important mental game skills you need to master - confidence, mental toughness, and focus! 

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I've put together useful worksheets to help you implement what you learn in the lessons and start seeing a positive impact in your play as soon as possible!

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What Students Are Saying About The Course

Many players have already taken their game to the next level with the help of Hockey Mindset Mastery!

Jit Uppal

Hockey Dad

Major improvements to confidence level:

"My son played Major Atom AA last year and enjoyed his best season ever, but at times he really struggled with his confidence and it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for him.  I have already seen some major improvements thanks to your course and he has noticed it as well!"

Nicolas Pavan

Midget AAA Player

Used the framework to become more consistent:

"Hockey Mindset Mastery has really helped me through the last few games of my season. I used the tricks to help myself prepare before games (especially the lesson on visualization) and I can say that it helped my play tremendously. My mindset has changed and I have become way more confident and comfortable in the way that I play!"

Berni Gardner

Hockey Parent

Engaging lessons & practical advice:

“What we particularly enjoy are the stories Ben tells of his own experiences, which makes the theory he presents more easily adaptable to my grandson's everyday challenges. His delivery style is very personable and feels like you are just sitting there with him chatting and learning from his knowledge of the game."

Master The 3 Crucial Mental Game Skills That Will Allow You to Play Your Best Hockey

Each module takes you by the hand and shows you how to build a pro hockey mindset by improving crucial mental game skills - confidence, mental toughness, and focus.


Module 1: Boosting Confidence

Confidence is a must if you want to play your best hockey. You'll learn about the two different types of confidence, which one you need to avoid, the 4-Step Framework you need to follow if you want your confidence to work for you (and not against you), and a whole lot more!


Module 2: Building Mental Toughness

You'll learn how to control your emotions and perform your best under pressure. You'll learn how to bounce back from bad plays, how to stop fearing failure once and for all, and the key to performing consistently over a long period of time. If you're one of those players that practices well but struggles come game time, or is scared to make mistakes, this section of the course will be a game-changer for you!


Module 3: Finding Your Focus & Improving Execution

You'll learn simple mental exercises to help you "get in the zone" so that your execution is on point when it needs to be. I'll share visualization routines, what you should be focusing on before and during a game, as well as how to eliminate bad habits and build good ones!


Downloadable Worksheets to Help You Take action!

Bonus 1
The Visualization Cheat-Sheet

This cheat sheet helps you setup the perfect visualization routine so you can reap the benefits that this powerful mental game skill has to offer.

Many students have said it's their favorite part of the course, and it has totally changed the way they approach game-day preparation!

Bonus 2
The 3-Goal System Template

The 3-goal system template is the perfect way to monitor your progress as a hockey player and finally see continuous improvements to your game each and every week.

Inside, you'll see examples based on your position as well as how to choose goals that make sense for you on your quest to becoming the best player you can be.

Bonus 3
The Ideal You Worksheet

In order to become the player you want to be, you have to know what that resembles in vivid detail.

This worksheet takes you by the hand and helps you establish the right beliefs so that you can work towards becoming the best version of yourself!

About ​Your Instructor,
Ben Levesque

Ben is the creator of and author of The Hockey Sense Handbook, which has been read by over 10,000 hockey players around the world. He has played hockey competitively for 20+ years, both with and against some of the world's best players. His own accomplishments include a President's Cup (QMJHL), a National Championship (CIS), and the Richard Pound Award for Leadership & Proficiency in sport. His passion is helping hockey players of all levels master the mental aspect of the game by sharing his experiences, tips & tricks learned over his career.

ben levesque captain

What Other Great Hockey Minds Have to Say

Guy Boucher

NHL Coach & Analyst

He's a true student of the game.

“Ben is a player like Kirk Maltby that the Red Wings kept around for years because he's just so valuable. His work ethic and leadership inspires everyone around him to play at another level. He's a true student of the game.”

Sean Couturier

NHL Player

Can't go wrong with Ben's advice.

“I played with Ben for two years back in Major Junior. He was a true leader for our team and one of the hardest workers on the ice any given night. If you want to improve your game, you can't go wrong with his advice. He knows the game.”

Mike Hoffman

NHL Player

Definitely recommend his content to any young player.

"Ben and I played together back in '09 when we won the President's Cup. He always found a way to get me the puck so I could use my shot. He's a strong two-way player and understands the game really well. Definitely would recommend his content to any young payer looking to get better."

Better Performance Starts Here.

Hockey Mindset Mastery® is for you if you're not happy with your current performance as a hockey player.

Maybe you're a young player trying to climb the ranks, an older player just looking to be the best you can be, a coach looking for useful tools for his players, or a hockey parent trying to give his/her kid the best chance at success.

And the best part is - it won't cost you $1,000s of dollars to enroll, which is what getting this kind of training would typically run you if you were to hire a mental game coach for you or your child. Instead, you'll pay less than the price of a fancy new hockey stick, and you'll get way more value out of this course than you ever could from a stick!

 If you're committed to getting better, then I'm excited to help you strengthen your mental game inside Hockey Mindset Mastery!

Hockey Mindset Mastery

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  • Lifetime Access
  • 3+ Hours of Instructional Video
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Let me help take your mental game to the next level.

After reading through hundreds of emails from my readers to understand their struggles, it became clear to me that I had to create a course on mental training for hockey players.

That's how Hockey Mindset Mastery was born, and I hope to see you on the inside so that I can help you unlock your full potential as a hockey player!

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