The Hockey Player’s Guide to Visualization and Mental Imagery

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hockey visualization

If you’re a serious hockey player, chances are you’ve come across the concept of visualization at least once throughout your career. You may know it under another name, such as mental imagery, seeing in the mind’s eye, or hearing in the head, but in my eyes, all of the above can be defined as follows: “A mental rehearsal of a technique, skill, feeling, emotion, … Read More

The 5 Hockey Leadership Styles That Make Up a Winning Team

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hockey leadership styles

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” That’s a quote from John C. Maxwell, best-selling author, speaker and visionary on everything leadership-related. Maxwell believes that everything rises and falls on leadership, and I totally agree—especially when it comes to hockey. After having been on losing teams where we won a handful of … Read More

How to Know if You’ve Played a Good Game: 3-Step Framework for Evaluating Your Performance in Hockey

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progress framework for evaluating performance in hockey

Picture this… You just finished up your hockey game and are on your way home when you get a text from your friend. “How’d the game go?“ It went well, you tell him. Your team won! “That’s great! How’d you play?“ This one’s a little harder to answer… If you’re like most players, you’ll answer “I got a goal” or … Read More